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Airwire- 5Ghz
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Airwire- 5Ghz

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Категория: Ubiquiti Devices

Производител: Ubiquiti Networks

AirWire Ubiquiti Indoor wireless bridge 

The Speed, Performance, and Reliability of an ethernet wire... without the wire
AirWire, a versatile Plug n Play wireless solution that requires absolutely no drivers or software, you simply plug one end to your Internet and the other to any wired ethernet device. The easy installation and high performance of AirWire makes it the perfect solution for high bandwidth devices such as PS3, Xbox 360, media computers, set-top boxes, HDTVs with an ethernet port, or even just your laptop!

Easily Link Long Distances Wirelessly
In an open environment AirWire can link a mind blowing 100meters+ (328 feet) with 300Mbps+ speeds... easily enough power to provide a fast and reliable link through the many walls and interference found in a household.

Next-Gen Antenna Design
AirWire features an incredible MIMO smart antenna design which enables long range operation.

AirMax Ready
Ubiquiti's AirMax TDMA technology gives AirWire carrier class speed and reliability.

Available in Black
AirWire is available in either black or white colors to perfectly blend into the decor of your home/office.

Easily connect two wired Ethernet devices wirelessly
Plug N Play
Stylish design available in black or white
MIMO smart antenna design which enables long range operation
Features Ubiquiti’s AirMax technology for carrier class speed and reliability

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Ubiquiti Networks
Ubiquiti Networks
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