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Airmax Titanium Variable Beam 19 - 21 dBi, 60° - 120° -5Ghz
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Airmax Titanium Variable Beam 19 - 21 dBi, 60° - 120° -5Ghz

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Категория: Ubiquiti Antennas

Производител: Ubiquiti Networks

Dual-sector antenna suitable for the unit Rocket M5 Titanium (MIMO2x2). Antenna uses horizontal and vertical polarization, which replaces two separate antennas and it can easily create such an access point with high throughput.
The metal sector antenna from Ubiquiti brings a new dimension to the spread of WiFi network. The latest model model sector antennas Ubiquiti AM-V5G-Ti allows you to expand the number of your customers and also expand the coverage area quality wifi signal.
The main advantage of this sector antennas Ubiquiti radiation is adjustable between angles from 60 ° to 120 °. This can be easily set up an area where the antenna will radiate. This can prevent unwanted interference of neighboring antennas. Metal housing provides better shielding and suppression of negative radiation patterns. Aerials can therefore be used very close to each other on a single mast.
In combination with the Rocket M5 Titanium so you get very good access point that supports AirMax and AirSync. interference drops to a minimum and the quality of the resulting signal AirMax is a much higher level than ever before.
The antenna is supplied as accessories for installation and waterproof connection with the unit Rocket M5 Titanium.

SpecificationFrequence 5,15 - 5,85 GHz
Dimension 721 x 149,1 x 75,7 mm
Mounting kit Na stožár s elevací
Gain 19 - 21 dBi
Polarization Duální lineární - horizontální a vertikální
SWR <=1,5
Radiating angle - H 120°/ 90°/ 60°
Radiating angle - V 120°/ 90°/ 60°
Type of connector 2x RSMA
Impedance 50 Ohm
Weight 3,75 kg

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Ubiquiti Networks
Ubiquiti Networks
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